boys aren’t worth it friends aren’t worth it school isn’t worth it nothing is worth it

I am going to end up crying on this mountain if I don’t sort this out like ugh does she hate me or am I just being me and overthinking

What if we go and she just ignores me and acts really awkward


I’m gonna jump off the Mountain idc anymkre

im not exactly drowning in friends like this isn’t doing my life any favours I need to keep my fucking mouth shut it doesn’t matter if she says your her best friend she still doesn’t want to hear about your paranoia and insecurities so just don’t say anything u great tit

Is it too late to pull out of this mountain thing :( god this is so shit I’m too scared to text her

Id really like to just die now thanks

"   Sometimes you weren’t supposed to share pain. Sometimes it was best just to deal with it alone.   "
Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen (via simply-quotes)
"   I am sorry for filling you with beer and bad thoughts and then asking you why you shook. I am sorry for pinching you, for hitting you, for bruising the thin-skinned parts of you. I am sorry for the names I called you when we were fighting. You are not ugly. You are not useless. You would not be better off gone. I’m sorry for almost throwing you out into the street because my sadness was too much for me. I’m sorry for carving my fingernails into your thigh and then resenting the way people asked, “How’d that happen?” I’m sorry for plucking you and nicking your calves with drugstore razors. I’m sorry I let some people see you in the moonlight. They didn’t deserve to know the color of your hips like I do. I’m sorry for leaving you convulsing over a toilet bowl over some boy. I’m sorry I did not thank you for simply trying to take me where I wanted to go. I’m sorry I screamed at you to shrink, shrink, shrink when all you could do was grow. I’m sorry that this apology is ten years too late. I’m sorry that it will probably come again. I’m sorry that I do not treat anybody else as poorly as I have treated you. I’m sorry that I am constantly learning how to love you, when you have never once doubted how you feel about me. I’m sorry in ways I have not yet learned to communicate.   "
An Apology to My Body | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

well you are meant to stock up on carbs before hiking right

ive eaten 6 potatoes today


ive been staring at her last seen and shes online and shes not replied hahha haha ah ah ah….