do you ever daydream of dressing boys in better clothes


im just fuming looking at then comments on selena gomez’s post i cant believe these people actually exist 

to this day i cant fathom how people are blind enough to support zionism

it makes me so angry 



So out of the 281 Palestinians dead this conflict so far, 54 of them were under the age of 18 (and 34 of those were under the age of 10), and 10 of them were over the age of 65

23% of the deaths in this have been children and elderly Palestinians, and 80% of the 281 deaths have been civilians

Both of the 2 Israeli deaths were soldiers and active combatants. One was possibly killed by friendly fire (aka, killed by other Israelis)


so David Cameron has just come out and said the UK is supporting Israel in the conflict against Gaza…


and i thought i couldnt lose any more respect for that bellend


Rick Owens x adidas Tech Runner

Islamophobic: their Koran permits them to beat their wives...
Me: Yes it does but could you tell me what with?
Islamophobic: ...
Me: A blade of grass, I don't know the last time you tried to beat someone with a blade of grass but it is pretty damn impossible, you must look at the people the Qur'an was revealed to, the Arabs at that time (just like most of the world) would beat their wives brutally. To tell them they couldn't beat their wives would have caused rebellion, so Allah (swt) being the greatest of planners, revealed it in a way that was so clever. It permitted them to beat their wives (as not to cause rebellion) however only with a blade of grass (which we all know to be impossible). Then the most beautiful line came saying but surely it is better for you to forgive, do you see now that the Qur'an does not permit the brutal beating of wives which in that time would have saved the lives of many women. Also I suggest you look at the rights of a wife over her husband, then tell me my religion is sexist.